Poem – Night Song (By Akor Emmanuel Oche)

Night Song silence sings a silent song silently, this monody from the diaphragm of mockingbirds, breaking every wondering In her synchronized tune; a wail here, a brawl there, then a chirp. birds whistle, -at night, birds sing, so does mother. she tunes a wail for each new burden, she never opted for this. papa, you lied. true lovers don’t die […]

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Poem – Panic (By David Russell)

Panic   A search for some trivial object in the midst of disordered furniture Seized upon just at that moment, giving birth to consternation   Repulsion from travelling delayed by this selection; Travelling light, splitting energy-wholes into petty onenesses –   At one with invisibility   Use the fuel of panic to build up heat in an overcrowded room Breath […]

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