meteor shower

The sky falls in the land of rumors

The meteor fallout may have stopped, but conspiracy theories are still raining down on Russians, said Alexander Malyshev. The 10-ton rock that screamed through the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk last week was captured on many of the dashboard cameras that are ...
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Wearable Vest Helps Deaf People Hear Music

The VEST is the brainchild of Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He designed the device based on the principles of sensory substitution, the theory that scientists can transmit data gathered by ...
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Son of mugger makes amends

■    The 15-year-old son of an accused mugger met this week with his father's alleged victim to make amends. Christian Lunsford sought out Tona Herndon—who had her purse snatched while visiting her late husband's gravesite in Bethany, Okla.—after learning that ...
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Mapping human emotions

When you're angry, your face, head, and arms grow hot When you're depressed, a cold numbness grips your head and arms. Love triggers a warm glow throughout your upper body, especially around your heart. Human emotions, a new study has ...
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Dunes from Christmas trees

Residents of shorelines previously damaged by Hurricane Sandy turned to a cheap and plentiful resource to help them rebuild: discarded Christmas trees. The storm washed away miles of sand dunes, which protected the coast from flooding by serving as a ...
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The vital job of ‘junk’ DNA

Since the late 1990s, when they began decoding the human genome, scientists have believed that 98 percent of DNA is "junk," with no function. But new research shows that most of this genetic material serves as switches that turn genes ...
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Secret of long life

Having a sense of purpose may add years to your life—and the benefit can be realized throughout adulthood. That’s the conclusion of a long-term study that tracked the physical and mental health of more than 6,100 Americans aged 20 to ...
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Header Photo - Tom Fabbri, World Wrangler

Tom Fabbri, World Wrangler – Antarctica And Beyond

Many people consider the sky to be the limit, but for some, the sky is just the beginning. Having experienced life at it's lowest of lows and faced all of the emotions that accompany it, the gentleman we focus on ...
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star devouring galaxy

A star-devouring galaxy

New images of a galaxy located 60 million light-years from Earth have revealed that / it’s a cannibal. Composite pictures from the La Silla Observatory in Chile show that the NGC 1316 galaxy is strewn with dust N and small ...
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Homeless man’s poetry touches thousands

■ Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho has been writing poetry for most of his life, but because he was living on the side of the road in Sao Paulo, Brazil, only a few passersby ever read it. That changed when one of ...
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