What’s Going On?

A mind-control parasite

A parasite lurking in your cat’s litter box could make you suicidal. A study of 46,000 Danish women found that those who were infected with Toxoplasma gondii, a common parasite that lives in the guts of cats and is transmitted ...
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Korea’s Deadly Fixation On Plastic Surgery

A fixation on plastic surgery is slaughtering Koreans, said the Chosun Ilbo. "There is presumably no other nation where plastic specialists place advertisements on the sides of buses," with before and after after the photos enticing individuals to extend their ...
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Can Best By dates be trusted

Can Best By dates be trusted on meats and fish?

Can Best By dates be trusted on meats and fish? Do you think your local supermarket is practicing truthful Best By dates on that packaged meat, chicken, or fish? Your guess could be quite wrong!! Investigators found that almost every ...
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supermarket meat and fish

Supermarket meat and fish secrets: Testing the food you buy

Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy Investigators went undercover to test the supermarket meat and fish. Their studies uncovered lots of disturbing food fraud. As it turns out, that supermarket meat and fish might not ...
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The vital role of shame in society

Liberals are horrified by a new New York City ad campaign to discourage teen pregnancy, said Richard V. Reeves. The ad pictures a tear-stained young child who declares to an unseen mom, “I’m twice as likely not to graduate high ...
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gored to death at bullfight

Spectators Gored To Death In Bullfight

Arjona, Colombia Killed at bullfight: Spectators were gored to death and dozens injured at a bullfight in northern Colombia. One man was gored through the heart, while another was tossed on a bull’s horns and then dragged around the ring ...
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How “stop-and-frisk” backfires

Young people who are randomly stopped for questioning by the police—even if they’ve done nothing wrong—are more likely to engage in criminal behavior later than those who aren’t stopped, a new study has found. University of Missouri researchers say that ...
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How Russians differ from Ukrainians

Kiev is putting Moscow to shame, said Yulia Latynina. Even after riot police beat up protesters last week, 1 million Ukrainians took to the squares to protest their president’s foreign policy. By contrast, Moscow, a city four times as large, ...
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The Fatty Downside of Soda

Diet pop might not have the sugar and calories found in normal sodas, however individuals who drink it every day frequently wind up with fatter stomachs. A study in the Diary of the American Geriatrics Society followed 749 individuals over ...
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The mass abortion of girls

It’s official: Abortion for gender selection is widespread in Britain, said Dominic Lawson. An analysis by The Independent shows that women from Indian and Pakistani communities in Britain are aborting their female fetuses at much higher rates than male fetuses, ...
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